Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds pioneered the cannabis seed industry in 1985. Today, the company is the world’s largest cannabis seed bank with the largest selection of strains. These genetics and the brand name have become true classics in the cannabis community. The Dutch government chose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis supplied by pharmacies.

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Sensi Seeds – Hindu Kush (Pack of 5 Seeds)

    • Genetics: Hindu Kush
    • Indica: 100%
    • Sativa: 0%
    • Indoor Flowering: 7-8 Weeks
    • Outdoor Flowering: Late September
    • Seed Type: Feminised
    • THC: 14% – 20%
    • CBD: 0.5% – 1%
    • Yield: Indoor 350g+ Outdoor 400g+

    This pure Indica seed-strain comes directly from the massive mountain range for which it is named. The Hindu Kush is the western spur of the Himalayas, covering half of Afghanistan and straddling the borders of Pakistan and India, reaching almost to China. This desolate and beautiful region forms an important trade-route between the Middle East, central Asia and the Far East and the ancient cannabis traditions of the surrounding cultures have met and merged here over centuries.

Sensi Seeds – Mexican Sativa (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Mexico X Pakistan Hash Plant X Durban
  • Indica: 30%
  • Sativa: 70%
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-12 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: Late September
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 18%
  • CBD: 1.3%
  • Yield: Indoor 100g+ Outdoor 150g+

Mexican Sativa is a lovely 3-way cannabis hybrid that is fun and easy to grow. Developed in the Cannabis Castle through years of selective breeding and backcrossing the Mexican Oahakan x Pakistani Hash Plant x Durban, blending a great mix of world flavors with exceptional strength and vigor. Mexican Sativa has a fresh zest of fruit and spices accompanied by an equally blended cerebral high and warm, relaxing body sensations.

Sensi Seeds – Shiva Skunk (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: NL#5 X Haze X Skunk #1
  • Indica: 100%
  • Sativa: 0%
  • Indoor Flowering: 7-8 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: Late October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 13% – 15%
  • CBD: 0.11% – 1%
  • Yield: Indoor 400g+ Outdoor 600g+

Shiva Skunk cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds belong to a feminized cannabis strain derived from the cross between Northern Lights#5 x Haze and Skunk #1. The result of this project is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid with a heavy-yield and a potent effect.