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Barney's Farm - ShiskaberryOut of stock

Barney’s Farm – Shiskaberry (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Blueberry X Afghan
  • Indica: 100%
  • Sativa: 0%
  • Indoor Flowering: 7-9 Weeks 
  • Outdoor Flowering: September
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 15% – 19%
  • CBD: 0.77% – 1.75%
  • Yield: Indoor 500g+ Outdoor 1500g+

Getting our SHISKABERRY™ strain to this stage has been a complex work in progress for years and we are delighted to finally introduce this unique and wonderful strain to our catalog. SHISKABERRY™ is a unique experience. Her pungent earthy, spicy notes leave a memorable, delicious aftertaste. Her beautiful berry scent will submerse you in a deeper dimension of delight and insight, SHISKABERRY™ is one stunning Indica who will put you where you need to be and keep you there.

Out of stock

Big Buddha – Buddha Kush OG (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Mystery Californian O.G Kush X 98 Bubba Kush (Reversed)
  • Indica: 100% 
  • Sativa: 0%
  • Indoor Flowering: 7-9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: End of October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 20%+
  • CBD: Unknown (Low)
  • Yield: Large

A must try for all Kush fanatics. This mystery Kush cross is a powerhouse in both strength and size, the result being potent piney pungent buds that produce a classic strong and spicy Kush flavour.

Big Buddha - California Orange Cheese

Big Buddha – California Orange Cheese (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: California Orange X Big Buddha Cheese
  • Indica: 85% 
  • Sativa: 15%
  • Indoor Flowering: 9 – 11 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: End Of October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 15% – 20%
  • CBD: Unknown (Low)
  • Yield: Indoor 80g+ Outdoor 350g+

Cheese, melon, citrus candy & hash notes are reinforced by a sensory, euphoric high thats perfect for the social smoker.

Out of stock

Concrete Jungle – Wedding Cake [A.K.A Pink Cookies] (Pack of 10 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie
  • Indica: ?% (Indica + Sativa Hybrid)
  • Sativa: ?% (Indica + Sativa Hybrid)
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-11 Weeks 
  • Outdoor Flowering: October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 17% – 24%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Yield: Indoor 500g+ Outdoor 600g+

A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake is also known as Pink Cookies. During flowering Wedding Cake produces compact and resinous buds offering a mouthwatering mix of sweet, earthy and tangy flavours, with a touch of vanilla and Tangie. The effect is powerful thanks to high levels of THC, and can help to fight stress and depression.

Dr. Krippling - Grand Heft AutoOut of stock

Dr. Krippling – Grand Heft Auto (Pack of 5 Seeds)

    • Genetics: Northern Lights X AK-47 Auto
    • Indica: ?% (Sativa + Indica Hybrid)
    • Sativa: ?% (Sativa + Indica Hybrid)
    • Indoor Flowering: 10-12 Weeks From Seed To Harvest
    • Seed Type: Feminised Auto
    • THC: 15% – 23%
    • CBD: 1%
    • Yield: Indoor 60g+ Outdoor 100g+

    The team at Dr. Krippling have done it again, this time creating a fast and hefty producing autoflower strain with high T.H.C levels for those looking to ‘get away quickly’ from it all.

Expert Seeds - LavenderOut of stock

Expert Seeds – Lavender (Pack of 3 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Afghani Hawaiian Haze X Korean Big Skunk X Super Skunk
  • Indica: 80%
  • Sativa: 20%
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-11 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: October
  • Seed Type: Feminised 
  • THC: 20%
  • CBD: 0.53% – 0.66%
  • Yield: Indoor 400g+ Outdoor 500g+

Seeds from Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea and the USA were used to create this triple hybrid. With its dark purple colouring, Lavender certainly is an exotic-looking plant. The colour is intense with the leaves turning almost black at the end of the plant’s life. The extra-dense buds give off a spicy odour similar to Afghan Hash. The high calyx to leaf ratio makes this a very easy plant to trim. Although not as high as a Haze, Lavender’s can get very tall on you if you give them a long enough growth cycle before switching to flowering mode.

Paradise Seeds - Belladonna

Paradise Seeds – Belladonna (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Undisclosed
  • Indica: 40% 
  • Sativa: 60%
  • Indoor Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: Mid-October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 18% – 22%
  • CBD: 0.1% 
  • Yield: Indoor 450g Outdoor 800g

Sultry Sativa… Belladonna is one of our original old school strains. This classic plant is a multi award winner and is as popular now as when we introduced it 15 years ago thanks to a quick harvest time combined with a sativa high.

Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Gorilla Seeds x10

Royal Queen Seeds – Royal Gorilla (Pack of 10 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Sour Dubb X Chem Sis X Chocolate Diesel
  • Indica: 50%
  • Sativa: 50%
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-10 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: Mid-October
  • Seed Type: Feminised 
  • THC: 27%
  • CBD: Unknown (Low)
  • Yield: Indoor 500g+ Outdoor 550g+