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Barney’s Farm – Strawberry Lemonade (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Strawberry X Lemon OG
  • Indica: 40%
  • Sativa: 60%
  • Indoor Flowering:  9-11 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 15% – 23%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Yield: Indoor 700g Outdoor 2500g

We are delighted to introduce this brand new Strawberry & Lemon flavoured creation from Barneys Farm. Crossing the highly potent & mostly sativa Strawberry with our phenomenal Lemon OG produced a strain that makes nostrils fizz, taste buds explode and brains bubble. An array of fruity tasting terpenes transports you into a strawberry coloured world of relaxation, relieving pain and leaving you feeling invigorated and energetic.

Strawnana Sundae by Big Buddha SeedsStrawnana Sundae by Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha – Strawnana Sundae (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Strawberry Banana X Lemon Skunk Reversed
  • Indica: 55% 
  • Sativa: 45%
  • Indoor Flowering: 8-10 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: End of October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 20%+
  • CBD: Unknown (Low)
  • Yield: Indoor 400g+ Outdoor 700g+

A fresh taste of fruit cocktail and sweet banana to get the mouth watering.  A cerebral and uplifting high.

Concrete Jungle – Bruce Banner (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Ghost OG X Strawberry Diesel
  • Indica: ?%  (Sativa Dominant)
  • Sativa: ?% (Sativa Dominant)
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-10 Weeks 
  • Outdoor Flowering: October
  • Seed Type: Feminised
  • THC: 26%+
  • CBD: 1%
  • Yield: Indoor 800g+ Outdoor 1000g+

Concrete Jungle Seeds presents Bruce Banner, characterised by its generous production of large and resinous cannabis flowers with an intense aroma, combining notes of red fruits on a Diesel background.

*Concrete Jungle’s Bruce Banner came 3rd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2014.

Dinafem - Strawberry Amnesia

Dinafem – Strawberry Amnesia (Pack of 5 Seeds)

  • Genetics: Original Amnesia X Strawberry Cough
  • Indica: 30%
  • Sativa: 70%
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-11 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: October
  • Seed Type: Feminised 
  • THC: 20% – 22%
  • CBD: Unknown
  • Yield: Indoor 600g+ Outdoor 700g+
Strawberry Amnesia is a cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds that exemplifies the excellence of the most splendorous Sativa strains. Tall and giving off an unbeatable Hazey aroma with hints of fresh fruits, this cannabis plant is sure to make an impression. Not only a visual impression with a slender body worthy of attracting everyone’s attention, but also an aromatic impression with an amazingly exotic perfume that has no barriers. And not just that. She will also affect our brain, giving rise to cheerful and invigorating thoughts at once. So, if you feel like meeting a high-class Dinafem Girl outdoing any of the strains you’ve so far met, keep reading and fall in love with the top-notch traits of our most special Sativa.